Summer Theatre Program


2020 program information coming soon!
June 29–July 31 2020

Every summer Village Arts continues its rich history of offering a five-week summer theatre camp where children have the opportunity to rehearse and perform a classic American musical, while also having classes in acting, dance, singing and the visual arts.

Our theatre program and classes are designed for students to learn, grow and find confidence as they experience all the different aspects of the arts.

Our teachers are primarily parents from the North Hollywood area and are working professionals and educators. Village Arts mission is to provide all children and teens in the North Hollywood area an affordable, unique and supportive environment to explore the performing and visual arts.

Most of all, our summer program is a place where kids have a chance to play, find new friends, mature and strengthen the bonds they have with their peers and community.

Learn more about Village Arts Founder, Pamela Shafer Moser.

Meet our Summer Theatre Staff


    Hi Everyone, Ms. Pam here! I love our summer program! Nothing is more exciting to me than to spend all day four days a week sharing what I love most, The ARTS! When I was a kid growing up in a small town in Ohio I had the great fortune to be involved in an all ages theatre program. It was about community, teamwork, creativity and friendship. To this day, I am still friends with people I met in that program. I have the most amazing memories from that experience. I feel so privileged that John, our team and I can bring that similar experience to your children. We only get to be kids once. It is time where we discover our voice, define our principals, figure out relationships and explore our dreams and creativity. Village Arts is a place where I believe that can happen for your kids! It is a place for everyone and we are all building it together! Come play with us! 


    This program is an action-packed blast of improv and comedy. Students will take a full belly flop into the world of improv (maybe even an improv sing off for the brave), impressions, stand up, storytelling and some comedy writing for those that want to explore further. The class is designed for all levels of students with the goal of honing a child’s natural acting skills and comedic instincts – and most of all – a warp drive of silliness!

    Learn More about Improv and John Moser


    Over the course of the summer students participate in a fun and supportive class and explore songs from musical theatre. Students work on vocal technique, language, text, interpretation, drama, and many other aspects of the song. The class’s approach to performing is to find the freedom, confidence, joy, and liberation that comes with singing a song.

    Learn More about Singing with Jane Runnalls Poole

  • ART

    Kara Duffus has been teaching art with Village Arts for over five summers. During the course of summer students explore the wonder and possibilities of mix media art. Each class students work on two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects, making use of found objects while also creating props pieces or items inspired by the setting of the musical that is being performed.

    Learn more about Art Class and Kara Duffus


    Village Arts brings in a mix of professional dance teachers that specialize is various forms of contemporary dance. Each teacher has been part of the Village Arts family over the years. The classes are a mix of musical theatre dance, jazz and urban dance. All the classes are a inspiring, inviting mix of movement and simple routines that are a blast to perform.

    Learn more about Dance classes with Jodie Patterson and Jeanne Simpson